A Highly Addictive Balloon Popping Game with a Twist – Balloons are in your ROOM!

A classic balloon shooting game for kids to shoot the balloons that have invaded the living room 🎈.

It's March 2024, a month after the Balloon Invasion began. The Earth has fallen into chaos. The Balloons have taken over half of the planet already. It's total madness out there. Help us stop the invasion. Come on, let's go... We need your help!

The game uses Augmented Reality to spawn balloons around you. Look around to find them. Once the balloons appear, pop them with a tap!
There are multiple kinds of balloons, having different colours and points. Pop as many balloons as you can before the time gets over.


AgrMayank Studios

Founded on June 07, 2020 by Mayank Raj, it is an Augmented Reality studio designing new horizons under the same sun! It started off as an idea, to build something new, something that would capture the attention of it's users with "breathtakingly immersive experiences", making them believe the unreal!


• Play in your room via Augmented Reality (AR).
Easy to play even for kids!
• A Huge Variety of Balloons with multiple colours.
• Comes with a HIDDEN Night Mode for popping balloons at night (TIP: Turn off the lights).
• Now with a Photo Mode / AR Camera for taking selfies with the balloons.
Share your photos with friends and family directly on social media!
• Compete with friends in the Leaderboard for the top spot.
• Get rewarded with Achievements for completing the tasks.

Regular Balloons (Multi-colour): +5 Points
Big Balloons (Yellow): +7 Points
Bunch of Balloons (Multi-colour): +3 Points Each
Defective Balloons (Brown): 0 Points
• The Evil Balloons (Black): -5 Points
Extra Time Balloons (White/Neon Green): +3 Seconds Time

Look around to find balloons in your room.
• See those Balloons floating around you?
Tap on them to shoot before they disappear.
• Yay! You popped a Balloon.


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